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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Work Daily Quotes, Famous Quotes, Motivational, Inspirational

Those who grumble at the little thing that has fallen to their lot to do will grumble at everything. Always grumbling, they will lead a miserable life, and everything will be a failure. But those who do their duties as they go, putting their shoulders to the wheel, will see the light, and higher duties will fall to their share.

- Work Daily Quotes Vivekananda, Famous Quotes, Motivational, Inspirational


Macvegan said...

First of all, I am back in the saddle and what a saddle it is to back into......Macvegan here and ready to ride.....Jitendra, you are a born genious to post this quote and you are absolutely right. Look at the donut, not the hole, as Macvegan always says.....The hole is just the little thing that is easily remedied. There is another great saying, "The man that had no shoes stopped complaining when he saw a guy with no feet." Whoa!!!! That is heavy but very in tune to today's community. When I hear Paris Hilton (a favorite subject of Macvegan's and Jay's) complain about not having enough time to shop for her new summer wardrobe or being goggled by people on the street or the tabloid's writing s%#t, I just say, "Paris, you have all the money, fame and riches in the world, you could feed a country on what you spend on new purses or dog food every year, stop complaining!!! Look at the goood things in your life, stop harping on the bad things. Stop complaining about the Iraq War, thank God you are not in it and if you are really upset about it then do something constructive about it like send some cookies to the soldiers or help an orpahnage or ENLIST and kick butt!!!! There is always something to be sorry for or be unhappy about but if you step back and look at other people or other situations or the alternative to being alive, you have it pretty damn good!!!!!!!! Macvegan

Brad said...

well i dont know what in the hell that means but all i think about work is that a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work