Friday, April 28, 2006

Famous Quotes and Quotations

If there is a solution, then it isn't a problem.
- Contributed by an anonymous reader.

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
- Famous Quotes by Samuel Johnson

Everything in the world may be endured except continued prosperity.
- Short Quotes by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We are so vain that we even care for the opinions of those we don't care for.
- Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830-1916) Austrian Novelist

"I am the thread that runs through all these pearls," and each pearl is a religion or even a sect thereof. Such are the different pearls, and God is the thread that runs through all of them; most people, however, are entirely unconscious of it.
- Vivekananda Inspirational Quotes

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Short Famous Quotes. Inspirational Quotations

A satirist is a man who discovers unpleasant things about himself and then says them about other people.
- Peter McArthur

You've achieved success in your field when you don't know whether what you're doing is work or play.
- Warren Beatty

What a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualization.
- Abraham H. Maslow (1908-1970) American Psychologist, Philosopher

A good parent is only as happy as their most unhappy child.
- Mrs. R. C. Goorney

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Famous Funny Quotes. Short Motivations

In words are seen the state of mind and character and disposition of the speaker.
- Motivational Quotes by Plutarch

Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.
- Short quotes General Patton

Being reproached for giving to an unworthy person, Aristotle said, 'I did not give it to the man, but to humanity.'
- Famous Quotes by Samuel Johnson

Monday, April 10, 2006

Short Quotes on Life. Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you'll never find it.
- Happiness quotes by CP Snow. Inspirational quotations.

Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics.
- Funny quotes by Fletcher Knebel

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Short Funny Quotes. Motivational Quotations

Failure is not the only punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others.
- Short Funny Quotes by Jules Renard. Famous Motivational Quotations

Life is a long lesson in humility.
- Short quotes by James M. Barrie

Life isn't fair. It's just fairer than death, that's all.
- Famous Quotes by William Goldman

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
- Motivational quotes by Alan Kay

When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest.
- Best quotes by William Hazlitt

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Short Quotes, Motivational Quotations and Sayings

To know another language is to have a second soul.
- Motivational Quotes by Charlemagne. Short Famous Quotations.

Wise men never sit and wail their loss, but cheerily seek how to redress their harms.
- Short Quotations by William Shakespeare