Thursday, January 06, 2005


A finite subject cannot love, nor a finite object be loved. When the object of the love of a man is dying every moment, and his mind also is constantly changing as he grows, what eternal love can you expect to find in this world? There cannot be any real love but in God: why then all these loves? These are mere stages. There is a power behind impelling us forward, we do not know where to seek for the real object, but this love is sending us forward in search of it. Again and again we find out our mistake. We grasp something, and find it slips through our fingers, and then we grasp something else. Thus on and on we go, till at last comes light; we come to God, the only One who loves. His love knows no change and is ever ready to take us in.

- Vivekanand

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Anonymous said...

heavy stuff, jay. is this "a higher elevation" of love? in essence, Vivekanand ,is saying that you cannot love a human because of our ever changing ways and the different stages of of life, but you can only be loved by God. What about your parents and speaking of God, can't you change your feelings about God or for that matter, can he, if there is one, change his feelings about you? Vivekanand is saying that God is the only one that can love. Our love, as Vivekanand
states, changes and then we grasp something else. Don't you love something indefinetly? Why is it that only God can grasp and realize true love? Doug