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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Suffering - Famous Quotes, Inspirational, Love Quotes

A man will renounce any pleasure you like but he will not give up his suffering.

- Mr Novack's quotation - Famous Quotes, Inspirational, Motivational


macvegan said...

To my surprise, Jitendra has honored me with posting as a headline one of my quotes. so, it is only fitting that i elaborate in my "street philosophy" to a great mind like Jitendfra who is well read and versed on philosophy well beyond his years. man seems to relish in suffering. we grow accustom to our daily lives of endless routine, hardships, stress and doing things that we do not want to do. we complain, yet we are afraid to change for we are content with living what we have, no matter how depressing. it is better to have what we know rather than to seek change, a philosophy that is accepted by all of us. we are dreamers and find relief and happiness in pretend, like movies, videos and other people's life's. suffering is heroic and our true heroes are those who suffer even more, like jesus. he really suffered and we made him our god. our little joys are a two week vacation, a new car, a larger home, more stuff. to attain a little bit of heaven, we suffer immensley. you buy a nice car only to suffer for 60 months to pay it off, so how do you pay it off? You drive it to work and let it sit in the parking lot while you suffer. you buy a larger home only to work 60 hours a week for 30 years so you can be away from it most of the day and only sleep there. you take a two week vacation only to worry the whole time on how you are going to pay it off and the work that you are missing. do we love to be miserable? do we have to wear the $150 jeans and suffer to buy them? what is pleasure? i think that we really do not appreciate or accomplish true pleasure and happiness until we are too old to realize it. we loved michael jackson but we love to watch him suffer even more. i am no different, this is how we are prgrammed and it will never change. we hate war but we love to watch it on television. we love the pope but his death is so much more entertaining. without suffering, life would be heaven.have to go so i won't be late for work, lot of problems today........macvegan

macvegan said...

is it an accident that the most popular television shows today are desperate housewives, court tv, the raality shows, cnn headline news? we love suffering and if cannot get enough of it in our own life's we spend our relaxation watching other people suffer and be miserable. suffering, stress and depression are a big part of our mental and physical make-up. without it, life would be a living hell. had to get that in.....macvegan