Friday, September 02, 2005

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Just imagine how President Bush would write the traditional back-to-school assignment, What I Did On My Summer Vacation: My five weeks on the ranch started with an angry war mom exciting the farm animals (the press corps), and ended with New Orleans turning into a swamp. So I guess I'd have to quote the old joke about what they said to Mrs. Lincoln: "Other than that, how was the theater?"
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macvegan said...

it is amazing how the united states is the first country to react when a major catastrophe occurs half way around the world and hundreds of millions of dollars are allocated, our military is sent, people send millions of dollars for relief in a matter of hours.....but when we have a major catastrophe in our own backyard, not one country in the world responds. not even countries like russia, france, england, japan, poland, hungry, just to name a few, who we have come to the aid and literally saved from extinction. iraq for god sakes could send some oil; they are swimming in it....saudi arabia who would not survive ten minutes without our support hasn't even sent a few one in the world gives a rat's ass about the united states, not even the united states......bush flies over new orleans in his private jet and remarks that it is a mess.....gee, i saw that in my living room on cnn and made that assumption......where are all the national guard's? they are protecting the iraq's rights to the way, the Iraq's hate us and want us to leave them alone......if this catastrophe was in miami, newport beach or crawford texas, and if the victims were white home owners and taxpayers, they would have been saved within hours........this is a lesson to the world; the united states is going to treat all world catastrophes just like the world has treated hurricane the way, where is bruce springstreen when you need him? macvegan

macvegan said...

bush says "we'll get on top of this situation." is he talking about doing his wife or flying over new orleans on his way back to his ranch for the labor day weekend and the annual bush barbeque.?


macvegan said...

where is the 100's of millions of dollars that was found in cash hidden by saddam? or better yet, where are the little yellow food boxes that we dropped in afganistan the day after we bombed their people all to hell? where are the good ole firemen from New York or where are the black leaders and athletes that cry when they are snubbed at a restaurant or have to wait in line at the airport? why don't they come forward and help the poor folks in new orleans? at least give them a discount on the $250 basketball shoes.......michael, where the hell are you? now is the time to moon walk into public opinion and help out someone over 12.......and 50 cent, we know you got more than half a buck, you live in a 50 million dollar mansion and sell fruit flavored a brotha!!!!!!!!