Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Best Candidate So Far - Mike Gravel

Mike Gravel is the best candidate from the Democratic side so far. Now lets just hope he wins.


Vigilante said...

Let's just make sure he's not excluded from further televised debates! For Now! Voice your concern to CNN

douglas novack said...

haha mr almighty master of the know how to push my buttons.....

yes, mikey is right on and he says it like it should be said and he makes a lot of sense......his issues are straight forward and i agree wih every one of them.....

The War in Iraq
Immediate and orderly withdrawal of troops followed by aggressive diplomacy

A Fair Tax
Eliminate the income tax and replace it with a progressive national sales tax - Fair Tax.

National Initiative for Democracy
Empower Americans and turn every citizen into a lawmaker by enacting a national initiative.

America's System of Education
Education should be our nation's priority. We need to foster competition and rethink the system.

Social Security
Put real money in the Social Security Trust Fund and invest it properly so Americans can leave surplus to heirs.

Veterans Affairs
Fully finance the VA and end the war on our nation’s vets.

National Healthcare
Enact a national, universal, single-payer, not-for-profit U.S. healthcare system.

"Each generation has a right to choose for itself the form of government it believes most promotive of its happiness."

but i also agree with his most prominent quote which is above; "each generaion has a right to choose for itself the form of government it believes most promotive of its happiness" and i say, that mike's generation failed and mike failed as a communicator to enact his values and his ideals.......each generation needs a communicator and of that generation.......barrack obama is the communicator of this generation and only barrack obama has the ability and the rightfullness to repesent this generation.......he is a visionary and he is a progressive intelect that has the capability and the direction to lead the united states of america forward to a new foundation and a new image and a better and stronger country of the people and by the people........

we certainly dont need the failed generation to rise up and tell the new generation what to do and what direction to go.......we dont need grandpa to tell us what kind of music to listen to or what are the best styles in clothes to wear or define out philosophial beleifs and articulate our values and morals.........thank you sir, but you lived your life and if you are unhappy with the shape of the war, the economy, our stature in world opinion, then lie in your shame for you put us, dont tell us that you have the abilty to lead us, you are the reason we are here with your ideas and "matter of fact" speeches.......where were you twenty years ago, ten years ago, four years ago? move over and sit down and listen to barrack obama, the next president and the only president of the united states..........barrack obama has the charisma, the enhusiasm, the pute passion and the authority of the new generation that is going has inherited the problems and the failures of the past ten move over and go play golf, old boisterous koot!!!!!!