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Monday, April 30, 2007

Chris Matthews Interviews Mike Gravel

Excellent comment by a Digg user about the campaign of Mike Gravel.

"My message to the Digg community and those who are aware/pessimistic of Mr. Gravel's campaign is this:

The chances may seem slim for him to be elected President because of our outlook of society and those currently inhabiting it. But because of this assumption and doubt, we are already creating failure in our own minds and those who read it. We MUST realize that we, as a nation - and above all else - a society of equal human beings - is that his presidency IS POSSIBLE. We as a nation are in a disastrous war BECAUSE OF OUR APATHY AND PASSIVE ATTITUDE - we must not let this continue any farther. Whether you're a Republican, Democrat,or a human being - I am positive you can all agree upon the value of life - no matter what your definition of it is. So if you truly value Mr. Gravel's candidacy PLEASE express your voice, your power, you individuality. If you do not, then please express yourself to those who you feel properly represent you. The message here is less of "Go Gravel! Go!" but a message in hope that individuals such as yourself will triumph through even when the odds "appear" to be stacked against you. We must NOT FAIL OURSELVES."

We may be weak alone, but there IS strength in numbers. It all starts with one person, one moment. Let us bring a better future for our children, and our children's children. We CAN do this. For the sake of society as we hope it, we NEED to do this."

1 comment:

douglas novack said...

i have one question for mike gravel.......where were you five years ago, ten years ago? you had your chance and now you are too old to inspire the inheriting generation......we are in trouble because you failed to lead us in the right direction to begin with and now you want a second chance? no way, mr gravel.....move over and take your is time for a change and leadership from the generation that has to inherit the reprocussions of poor leadership, poor decisions and lack of inspiration.......