Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dubai's Newspaper Posted This Unbelievable Ad on 9/11


douglas novack said...

wow....so what does that mean? americans are smoking to much or we can be taken down as easy as lighting a couple of cigarettes?

Anonymous said...

It looks like the twin towers...can't you see it!? That is so cold...how dare they post that ad.

douglas novack said...

sadly to say, dubai and other middle eastern countries are aggressiely buying our country.....they owm bilions of dollars worth of property, strategic acquisitions like entry ports in major cities, airport, manufacturing plants that create military hardware, retail markets, banks and now 20% stake in nasdaq.......they also own thousands of apartment buildings, financial publications, media outlets and much more........other well known names are Caribou Coffee, the fast-growing rival to Starbucks; Church's Chicken, a fast-food concern; Loehmann's, a specialty retailer; TLC Health Care Services, a provider of home nursing and hospice care; and even several financial publications, including American Banker.......the saudi family owns citibank and half of new york city.....they also are partners with bill gates in four seasons hotel chain.......it is not bush that is protecting our country against terrorist attacks from the middle east, it is the fact that they wont attack their own interests and they do own a good portion of our country.........it wont be long where they will filter into govt postions and pass laws that pertain to their culture.......

douglas novack said...

to my best friend, jitendra....the one person that i admire "at a higher elevation."

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